Power Presence OF God Ministries

- Olga

For year I found it difficult to get up from bed. I was crushed by low self esteem and sever depression but since I found Christ and pastor Raymond prayed for me. Me life has changed dramatically, I have a good job my family is more untied and I feel confident. I am learning so much about the bible and growing spiritually. Jesus is the Lord of my life. Hallelujah

- Pavel

I was homeless sick and an atheist which was like a triple trouble. But Jitka from PPGM gave me tract that was written by pastor Raymond. She invited to fellowship which I obliged. after few times of listening to the anointed word of God and also seeing miracles in my life I decided to give my life to Christ. Today my leg would are healed I no longer need clutches to walk. I am healed and I have a home now in PPGM and a wonderful family. Thank you Jesus.

- Sofie

I had many questions as a young Christian, I have been among those who fake prophesies and speaking in tongues but I have always wanted a genuine experience. I used to be filled with a raging anger and hatred for everyone. Death metal was my music. But when a friend brought me to pastor Raymond, God used him to answer my questions and since I joined PPGM I have experienced the power presence of God in very area of my life. I have seen and received real miracles. My life is now filled with the joy of the Lord and peace. The Lord has been gracious to me. Hallelujah

- Noemi

All my life I have searching for greater spiritual experience with God. I even joined esoteric group and also did some rituals with witches until God delivered through Pastor Raymond. Since I joined PPGM the Lord has revealed himself to me in mighty ways. I have led many souls to Christ. I pray and see results. My studies has been a success thus far and everything I touch propers. I am leading a life of testimonies on daily bases. Come Join us and see what will do for you in your situation. What a mighty God we serve.

- Dominik

I grew up as an adoptee, never knowing my parents. I believed life had no meaning and attempted suicide. Thankfully, I survived, but found myself homeless and in despair. When I was at my lowest, contemplating what to do, Pastor Raymond approached me with the Gospel. I gladly received it, and filled with deep peace, started my life afresh. Praise God!

- Jitka

I was practicing magic, card reading and all sorts of demonic activities and rituals. I was addicted to drugs. Today I give God the glory for my deliverance. God has been faithful to me. It's better to be in the kingdom of light than being tormented in darkness. PPGM is my family. I love Jesus very much.

- Eliška

I suffered massive depression and anxiety for over 30 years but after Pastor prayer for me. I have never felt better and now I am growing in the knowledge of God in PPGM. Praise God.

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